Des Moines Performing Arts Staff


Jeff Chelesvig

President & CEO Contact

Laura Sweet

Vice President & COO 515-246-2306 Contact

Alisa Elkins

Executive Assistant 515-246-2302 Contact

Heidi Watkins

Director of Finance 515-246-2317 Contact

Tiffany Fitzpatrick

Finance Manager 515-246-2315 Contact

Rita Gardner

Accountant 515-246-2307 Contact

Bill Pinegar

Human Resources Manager 515-246-2369 Contact

Wendy Albrecht

Payroll & Benefits Specialist 515-246-2319 Contact

Christopher Cuhel

Database Analyst Contact


Barb Preuss

Director of Marketing 515-246-2361 Contact

Matt Spangler

Senior Marketing Manager 515-246-2366 Contact

Jonathan Brendemuehl

Communications Manager 515-246-2365 Contact

Greg Votava

Digital Marketing Manager 515-246-2363 Contact

Carina Woodward

Marketing Manager 515-246-2364 Contact

Cathy Long

Publicist 515-246-2368 Contact

Sarah Infante

Digital Marketing Specialist 515-246-2320 Contact

Programming and Education

Eric Olmscheid

Director of Programming and Education 515-246-2357 Contact

Karoline Myers

Education Manager 515-246-2356 Contact

Julie Houghton

Programming and Education Coordinator 515-246-2362 Contact

Sarah Florian

Education Program Coordinator, Engagement 515-246-2358 Contact

Sara Perez

Education Program Coordinator, Curriculum 515-246-2378 Contact

Lynnae Lathrop

Education Program Coordinator, Camps Contact

Heidi Mason

Education Administrative Specialist 515-246-2355 Contact

Todd Murphy

Program Assistant 515-246-2359 Contact

Production and Building Services

Janet Albanese

Director of Production and Building Services 515-246-2331 Contact

Nicholas Romano

Stage Operations Manager/Head Carpenter 515-246-2332 Contact

Greg Tracy

Production Manager 515-246-2334 Contact

Jamie L. Stepp

Head Audio 515-246-2337 Contact

Cole Giudicessi

Production Supervisor 515-246-2337 Contact

Ly Ung

Building Services Manager 515-246-2344 Contact

Heng Teav

Assistant Building Services Manager Contact

Ticket Office

Kennedy Bollmeyer

Ticket Office Manager 515-246-2321 Contact

Brooke Bridenstine

Ticket Office Manager 515-246-2387 Contact

Ashley Wright Shannon

Ticket Office Staff Manager 515-246-2323 Contact


Ticketing Services Representative 515-246-2383 Contact


Ticketing Services Representative 515-246-2330 Contact


Ticketing Services Representative 515-246-2324 Contact

Coral Thede

Group Sales Coordinator 515-246-2380 Contact


Cherian Koshy

Director of Development 515-246-2351 Contact

Anna Cramer

Development Manager 515-246-2352 Contact

Emily Kruse

Development Manager 515-246-2343 Contact

L Carlson

Development Coordinator 515-246-2309 Contact

Bill Hitt

Development Assistant 515-246-2354 Contact

Guest Services

Allie Ross

Guest Services Manager 515-246-2308 Contact

Miranda Lee

Assistant Guest Services Manager 515-246-2304 Contact

Danielle Samuels

Guest Services Associate Contact

Amy Williams

Guest Services Associate Contact