Des Moines Performing Arts Staff


Jeff Chelesvig

President & CEO Contact

Laura Sweet

Vice President & COO Contact

Heidi Watkins

Chief Financial Officer Contact

Bill Pinegar

Director of Human Resources Contact

Wendy Albrecht

Payroll & Benefits Coordinator Contact

Megan Kirk

Controller Contact

Brett Logsdon

Accountant Contact

Lynette Cook

Accounting Specialist Contact

Christopher Cuhel

Database Analyst Contact

Christina McCleary

Executive Administrative Assistant Contact


Barb Preuss

Director of Marketing Contact

Brianna Hall

Marketing Manager Contact

Beth Kneeskern

Marketing Manager Contact

Summer Evans

Marketing Manager Contact

Isabelle Hudnut

Marketing Intern Contact


Brooke Bridenstine

Programming Manager, Event Booking Contact

Julie Houghton

Programming Coordinator, Artist Services Contact

Production and Building Services

Janet Albanese

Director of Production and Building Services Contact

Nicholas Romano

Production Manager/Head Carpenter Contact

Jamie L. Stepp

Production Manager/Head Audio Contact

Ryan Anderson

Production Manager/Head Electrician Contact

Dani Roth

Production Supervisor Contact

Emily Gardner

Production Supervisor Contact

Sydney Furgerson

Production Assistant, Outdoor Programs Contact

Ly Ung

Building Services Manager Contact

Heng Teav

Building Services Assistant Manager Contact


Kennedy Bollmeyer

Director of Ticketing Contact

Ashlin Berthelsen

Ticketing Manager Contact

Madison Bishop

Ticketing Manager Contact

Allie Ross

Ticketing Manager Contact


Ticketing Specialist Contact


Ticketing Specialist II Contact


Ticketing Specialist Contact


Emily Kruse

Development Manager Contact

Alex Kane

Development Specialist Contact

Guest Services

Marnie Strate

Guest Services Manager Contact

Micaela Veenstra

Guest Services Assistant Manager Contact

Sandy Fatino

Guest Services Daytime Assistant Contact

Chandler Good

Guest Services Daytime Assistant Contact

Digital Experience

Greg Votava

Director of Digital Experience Contact

Jacob Badger

Digital Experience Specialist Contact

Sarah Infante

Graphic Designer Contact


Karoline Myers

Director of Education Contact

Lynnae Lathrop

Education Manager, Camps Contact

Sara Perez

Education Coordinator, Curriculum Contact

Janet Casson

Education Coordinator, Engagement and EDI Contact

Mary Katherine Gillette

Education Administrative Specialist Contact

Maddie Grissom

Education Administrative Specialist Contact


Jonathan Brendemuehl

Director of Communications Contact

Shelby Hisel

Publicist Contact