Join us at Des Moines Performing Arts camps and classes, where young people sharpen their skills, stretch their imaginations, and create unique memories through a variety of educational opportunities.
With theater professionals as the instructors, students gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, build confidence, and benefit from a fresh jolt of creative energy.
We have camps for all levels (based on fall 2024 enrollment):
  • Theater in a Box: 1st-4th Grade 
  • Musical Theater Camp: 3rd-8th Grade 
  • Broadway Academy: 6th-8th Grade 
  • Broadway Intensive: 9th Grade-First year in college

2024 Summer Camps

Theater in a Box

June 10 - 21, 2024 Learn More


June 17 - August 2, 2024 Learn More

Broadway Academy

July 8 - 13, 2024 Learn More

Broadway Intensive

July 8 - 13, 2024 Learn More
Des Moines Performing Arts Partnerships: