Young people sharpen their skills, stretch their imaginations, and create unique memories through a variety of Des Moines Performing Arts education opportunities. With theater professionals as the instructors, students gain a deeper understanding of the process, build confidence, and benefit from a fresh jolt of creative energy. 


Summer Camps


Summer 2020: We went virtual!

We had a great time this past summer designing virtual camp experiences filled with fun, friendship, creativity and skill-building. Don't take our word for it, hear from some participants from our recent Broadway Studio camp: 

"It felt great to be in such a supportive environment! I love that we were able to recreate everything that’s so great about a normal “theatre family” without even being together in person." - Mara F.

An incredible environment to learn and get better, with a focus on the ‘acting’ part of music and musical theatre. The people are all so kind, and help make this class a fun and safe zone for self improvement. The instructor was a fantastic teacher, and the lessons I learned from this class are ideas I’ll continue to take with me in my musical theatre-filled life. - Carter K.

"This program is a fantastic opportunity to get coaching and advice that is helpful and valuable. It provides in depth insight that is sometimes not given in schools and other programs. The people are so talented and easy to connect with! I got comfortable very fast." - E'mma C.


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