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March 27, 2024 Des Moines Civic Center

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Pilobolus’s new re:CREATION Tour reminds us that play and creativity are fundamental to the human experience and that stories are alive and breathing and can teach, comfort, and connect us to ourselves and each other.

After their successful Big Five-OH! Anniversary tour, Pilobolus moves confidently into the next half century of creation and performance, featuring new works with new collaborators that take the company into uncharted waters, which is where the innovative troupe feels most at home. Alongside groundbreaking new pieces, the company breathes new life into beloved works from the past to create an experience both timely and timeless.

re:CREATION is not to be missed.

Noctuary is a captivating sextet filled with stunning ethereal imagery, haunting beauty, and delightful humor. An original score by Jad Abumrad incorporates sounds of night, a Chopin nocturne, a ticking clock, distant thunder, and rain which seep into the inner landscape of a woman’s subconscious seeking harmony and synthesis between discordant contradictions of waking life and a fantastic expansive dreamscape.

Untitled takes the audience into an unforgettable, dream-like experience as two elegant young ladies transform into towering figures through a clever stage device. The dance interweaves the traditional and the modern, and balances between the audacious and the demure. Themes of youth, playfulness, and bawdy humor give way to a sophisticated narrative, leaving the audience in awe of a theatrical work where contrasts coalesce into an unnameable and meaningful art form. A breakthrough piece that’s quintessentially Pilobolus.

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Event Details

The Patron Lounge will be open for this event.
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Education Opportunities

Preshow DANCETalk

Please join us for our pre-show DANCEtalk! One hour prior to curtain, we will host a conversation with Matt Kent, Artistic Director of Pilobolus . We’ll shine a light on the company’s body of work and the specific performance they will share with us, perhaps discovering the inspiration that brought into being what we will see on stage. All ticketholders are welcome! Meet us in West Balcony Lounge.

After the show, you are welcome to stay in the theatre for a post-show chat with members of the dance company.

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"The fact that our son was working with Broadway professionals and getting vocal and acting lessons from people who actually acted on Broadway was stunning."

- Jennifer, Altoona parent

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