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March 27, 2024 Des Moines Civic Center

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Please note: all children who enter the theater for this production must have a ticket and be at least three years old.

Grades 3-12

Pilobolus Is A Fungus

Join Pilobolus for a one-of-a-kind student matinee experience that melds artistic excellence with the wonder and joy of childhood! 

  • Tailored to engage all ages, our performances feature material that captivates young minds and a soft start to accommodate those unexpected delays. 
  • Prepare to be part of the action with interactive audience engagement, and enjoy laughter-filled moments that spark creativity and connection. 
  • Stay after for a lively 10-minute Q&A and discover the magic behind the scenes. With Pilobolus, artistry and fun take center stage – a perfect outing for students!

 Pilobolus Is A Fungus is an interactive performance for young audiences based on Branches, a site-specific dance piece commissioned by Jacob’s Pillow.  In this show, the audience takes a journey through nature, perceiving the sounds, shapes, colors and movements of birds, water, trees, and of course, our namesake fungus, in new and unexpected ways.  With the help of the Pilobolus dancers, audience members learn to express their deep connection to the world through movement and dance.  

Pilobolus Is A Fungus has four acts.

Down by the Water
People are animals and animals have a community too. They all meet at the watering hole! This is the center of their community, interaction, and social life.

Up in a Tree
Have you ever noticed the movement of trees and plants outside your window? The world outside is full of movement and motion, wind and light. The animals in the landscape are in constant interaction with these elements.

Mr. Right
Humans have dances they do to attract love. Animals do too! We dance the tango, and the bird of paradise performs an equally intricate mating dance. In this section we invite the audience to join us onstage to teach and perform Pilobolus choreography the dancer will perform in this “Mr. Right.” 

What's Left?
The sun goes down, flowers wilt, light falls and the cycle of life continues. Our inspiration doesn't only come from the beautiful things in nature, but sometimes the decay that is necessary to create new life.

Curriculum Connections

21st Century Skills, Dance

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024 11:00 AM    

Event Details

Please note: all children who enter the theater for this production must have a ticket and be at least three years old.
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