Enrolling in Auto Renew allows you to experience the ultimate in convenience and savings. Find out more about the Auto Renew Program at Des Moines Performing Arts below. If you have further questions please contact the Des Moines Civic Center Ticket Office at 515-246-2300.

What is Auto Renew?

Auto Renew is the easiest way to renew your season tickets and it saves you money with the best ticket discounts and waived package fees. Each year, Des Moines Performing Arts will process your season ticket renewal prior to announcing the shows in the upcoming Broadway season.  DMPA will continue to automatically renew your current season tickets at that season's prevailing package price using the same payment method and payment option. Enrollment in the Auto Renew program is on-going until the account holder notifies Des Moines Performing Arts of the desire to opt out of the Auto Renew program.

What are the advantages of Auto Renew?
  • Deepest discounts available - up to 15% in savings.
  • Waived package fees. (Your $20 package fee will be waived as long as you are enrolled in Auto Renew.)
  • Maximum convenience. Your seats will be renewed automatically every season, prior to the season announcement.
How do I enroll in Auto Renew?

You will be able to enroll in Auto Renew during your online season ticket order or renewal.

When will I be billed for Auto Renew?

Broadway packages will be renewed prior to the Season Announcement each year. Other series will be renewed in the spring of each year. In all cases, you will receive an email before the renewal is processed with the option to opt out of Auto Renew.

When can I purchase package add-ons?

After the shows in the Willis Broadway series are announced season ticket holders that are enrolled in Auto Renew will receive an email with a direct link to purchase package add-ons. Season Ticket Holders for all other series will receive an email later in the spring.

How will I know if I'm enrolled in Auto Renew?

Auto Renew was offered for the first time for the 2018-19 Broadway season. If you are unsure if you are already enrolled in Auto Renew, please call the Civic Center Ticket Office at 515-246-2300 to confirm.

How do I disable or cancel Auto Renew?

You may cancel online or by calling the Civic Center Ticket Office at 515-246-2300.

How do I update my contact info or my credit card?

Please call the Civic Center Ticket Office at 515-246-2300 to update your account information such as phone number, email or credit card.

Can I still submit a seat change request?

Your seat change request must be resubmitted each season. After your renewal is processed you will receive an order confirmation via email with a link to submit a seat change request.

What if I also add the valet parking package?

If your renewal included the valet parking package we will consider that part of your renewal order and automatically renew the valet package along with the shows each season.

Are donations automatically renewed?

Unless you are on a sustained giving plan, donations will not be automatically renewed.

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