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Next in the Live at the Temple Concert Series

Blues, traditional jazz, and ragtime music featuring soulful, barrel-chested vocals and unparalleled musicianship are headed to the Temple Theater this season as part of the Prairie Meadows Live at the Temple Concert Series. For decades, upcoming performers Larry McCray and Tuba Skinny have risen to fame through unparalleled talent, nonstop recording, and touring across the globe.

Here’s everything you need to know about these upcoming performances:

Larry McCray

Larry McCray

Sunday, February 26 at 6:30 PM

Larry McCray is an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter who has been making music for over three decades. His music blends the traditional blues sound with elements of soul, rock, and jazz, creating a unique and soulful style. With his powerful voice, virtuosic guitar playing, and deeply emotional lyrics, McCray has become one of the most beloved blues musicians of his generation.

Larry has played and shared the stage with such blues and rock greats as BB KingBuddy GuyAlbert King, Joe Walsh, and Joe Bonamassa. With his raw, authentic sound and undeniable musical talent, Larry McCray is a true blues icon, and a must-see for any fan of the genre.

Tuba Skinny

Tuba Skinny

Wednesday, March 15 at 7:30 PM

Tuba Skinny is a New Orleans-based jazz and blues band that has been making music since the early 2000s. Comprised of a tuba, banjo, guitar, and drums, Tuba Skinny’s sound is inspired by the classic jazz and blues tunes of the 1920s and 1930s, but the band also incorporates elements of swing, ragtime, and early country music to create a unique sound that is all their own.

Their popular street performances have garnered millions of views online due to their unique sound and captivating vocals. Whether you're a lifelong jazz and blues fan or new to the genre, Tuba Skinny will have you humming along and tapping your feet to the beat.


Temple Theater

1011 Locust Street

Located on the second floor of the Temple for Performing Arts in beautiful downtown Des Moines, the Temple Theater is one of the area’s most intimate performance venues. The Temple Theater offers an ornate and historical feel while guests enjoy exquisite acoustics and the opportunity to feel like a part of the performance. 

Check out Larry McCray, Tuba Skinny and more of the talented performers coming up at the Temple Theater!


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