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Top YouTube Video For Each Live At The Temple Series Artist

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As the anticipation builds for the first concert in the 2023-24 Live at the Temple Concert Series, we're here to turn up the excitement even more!

Before the first chord is struck and the melodies fill the air, we've collected the top YouTube video for each of the sensational artists featured this season.

So, if you're as pumped as we are for what's to come, take a moment to dive into these videos and get ready to immerse yourself in the extraordinary lineup that's about to take the Temple Theater stage.



April 20, 2024

Headlining this season, Suzanne Vega, known for her poignant folk storytelling, enchants listeners with her acoustic charm. With over 65 million views, her most viewed YouTube video, "Luka," is an emotional exploration of human resilience, capturing hearts with its tender yet powerful narrative.

Jorge Luis Pacheco Trio

September 28, 2023

The Jorge Luis Pacheco Trio paints vibrant sonic canvases that traverse genres effortlessly. This YouTube video, "ANDINO," showcases Pacheco's virtuoso piano skills, blending Cuban rhythms with contemporary jazz influences in a captivating performance.


October 16, 2023

Guitar prodigy Kaki King delivers an awe-inspiring fusion of soundscapes, effortlessly pushing the boundaries of acoustic guitar. Her YouTube masterpiece, "The Surface Changes," is a mesmerizing display of her innovative techniques and musical imagination.


November 9, 2023

Damn Tall Buildings infuses bluegrass with a contemporary spirit, creating foot-stomping energy. Their latest Live performance on YouTube, "Sleeping Dogs," is a whirlwind of harmonies and stringed instrument virtuosity that embodies their dynamic and infectious style.


March 19, 2024

Mostly Kosher weaves a tapestry of cultural diversity through their Klezmer-inspired music. Their latest YouTube music video, "Nafshi," captures the band's vibrancy and passion, celebrating a fusion of traditions with contemporary flair.


April 12, 2024

Martha Redbone's fusion of Native and African-American influences is on display in this soulful Tiny Desk concert from Brooklyn's Navy Yards. Her vocals resonate with the legacy of her gospel-singing father, while the resilience of her mother's Cherokee, Shawnee, and Choctaw heritage adds a distinctive layer.


BONUS VIDEO (because... well, why not?)

We know that as soon as you watched "Luka" from Suzanne Vega, you'd be looking for more! So why not end with another legendary Vega hit that has over 10 million views on YouTube! Take a moment to soak in the nostalgia with Vega's unforgettable hit, "Tom's Diner."

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