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5 Reasons Your Family Needs to Attend a Discovery Party

The Wellmark Family Series introduces the wonder and magic of live performances for the young people in our lives. But guess what? The fun starts well before the curtains are drawn and the performers take the stage. One hour beforehand, to be exact.  


This is when the doors to the Civic Center lobby open and unveil the flurry of activity of our Discovery Party. 


Discovery Parties are free to all ticket holders and take place in the Civic Center lobbies one hour prior to a public performance in our Wellmark Family Series. They give young audience members and their families opportunities to create and become part of the art. They are intended to provide interactive experiences that are culturally and thematically tied to the performance they will attend. 


Here are the five reasons your family CANNOT miss the next Discovery Party: 


The moment you walk through the doors you are met with the sounds of live music. Feel the energy that can only be provided by a live performance. This station is often interactive, so audience members can get their hands on the instruments and join in the music-making! 



A story is worth a thousand words. Dive into a curated selection of books that reflect what you will experience during the performance. 



This is your chance to watch young minds at work! The creation station allows the young people in attendance to engage with the performance by creating their own piece of art.  



These stations give a hands-on, sometimes full body, experience of the performance. Learn about the animals that live in the Hundred Acre Wood, learn hip hop dance moves, experience the effects of gravity and air, and feel the beats of your own drum! 



The best part of it all? Each and every artist and presenter at the Discovery Party is part of our community. They represent, and skillfully share, the various aspects of culture and fun that we have right here in Central Iowa. 


Don’t take our word for it. Come check out the next performance in our Wellmark Family Series. Just do us a favor and make sure you arrive early. You won’t be disappointed! 


Find upcoming performances, ticket information and more at https://desmoinesperformingarts.org/season-tickets/wellmark-family-series/  


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