In To America

April 1, 2019 Des Moines Civic Center



This remarkable drama traces the American immigrant experience from Jamestown to present day through the stories of ordinary men, women and children who departed their homelands in the hopes of creating a new life.

A diverse cast of 11 gives voice to the poignant struggles and triumphs of the waves of immigration that have shaped our country. From early immigrants traveling through Ellis Island, to the immigrants who built the Transcontinental Railroad, to the survivors of slavery’s forced migration, to contemporary stories predicated by the current refugee crisis, the narrative of immigration is both complicated and inspiring. As a result, In To America is an extraordinary story 400 years in the making that transcends time, space and race to reflect the diversity and commonalities of our shared American experience.


The 10 AM performance of this production is currently at capacity. Availability remains for the 12:30 PM performance.

If you are interested in tickets to this production but cannot be accommodated at a performance time with current availability, please put your name on our WAIT LIST. We will contact you if and when tickets become available.

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Please note: all children who enter the theater for this production must have a ticket and be at least three years old. 

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Ticket Prices $1.00
Running Time 1 hour
Social Studies
21st Century Skills

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It’s 21st century skills that they need to have the rest of their lives. It’s not just something that when they leave fourth grade, they are done with it.

-Andrea, teacher, Studebaker Elementary, Des Moines

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