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The DMPA app is the most convenient way to access any tickets purchased through Des Moines Performing Arts. Download the app today and get ready for your future performance. From the app you will be able to access all of your tickets including those for our resident companies like the Des Moines Symphony. This app is the easiest way to access and share your tickets, browse upcoming events, and much more! 

This digital ticket delivery is much more flexible, as any tickets purchaed through DMPA will appear and be up-to-date in the app even if you exchanged or a different delivery method was previously selected, not to mention no more worrying about where your tickets are.

All ticket holders should use the DMPA App on their phones to access their event tickets for the quickest and easiest entry to our venues. 


See How To Access Your Tickets





How do I access my mobile tickets?
  1. Download and install the DMPA App on your mobile device.
  2. Log into your account using your exisiting DMPA account credentials.
  3. Don't have an account? If you have purchased tickets through DMPA in the past, you may already have an existing account with us. Please try the forgot login button. If you haven't purchased tickets with us before, select register and sign up.
  4. Once logged in, your ticket QR codes can be found in the Account & Tickets section or on the homescreen of the app (starting 72 hours prior to your performance time). 

When you arrive for your performance, be sure the brightness of your phone is turned all the way up!

The ushers will scan the barcode directly from your smartphone. 

If you have multiple tickets to the same performance, you will be asked to swipe through all of your tickets to be scanned for entry.

I can see my upcoming events, but why can't I see a barcode?

Ticket barcodes are only visible and available to share within 72 hours of your performance. If you are at the venue and your barcode is not visible, please visit the ticket office.

Can I share my tickets with a friend through the app?

Yes. With the DMPA App, you will be able to send select tickets to a friend once your barcode becomes available in the app (72 hours prior to your performance time).

Once logged in to the DMPA App, open the menu, tap My Account & Tickets, then select My Tickets and choose your upcoming performance to begin the transfer process. On the display screen below the performance ticket barcode is Share with friend. Tap here. Enter the recipient's email address and select the desired tickets for transfer. Finally, click Send to friend. You will receive confirmation that the tickets have been emailed to the provided address within the app. You will see a record of each ticket that you shared, when you shared it and who you shared it with on this screen.

The recipient will receive an email with a link that will display the ticket barcode(s) and seat location. The barcode(s) can then be printed or scanned directly from the recipient’s mobile device upon entry to the performance.

Can I add my tickets to my Apple or Google Wallet?

Yes! Once your barcode becomes available (72 hours prior to the performance time), you will be able to add your tickets to your phone's Apple or Google Wallet. Just tap the icon on your ticket barcode and follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding your tickets to your wallet.

When should I access my mobile tickets?

Mobile ticket barcodes will be available 72 hours prior to your performance time.

To ensure seamless entry, we highly recommend accessing your tickets before, or as you arrive to the venue.

In addition to the barcode which will be scanned at the door, your mobile ticket also has your seating information including your section, row, and seat number. Be prepared to show your mobile ticket to the usher who will direct you to your seat.

Will all my tickets be available in the app?

Unless otherwise noted, tickets to all DMPA presentations, Des Moines Symphony presentations, and other local partner presentations including Iowa Stage Theatre Company, Pyramid Theatre Company, Comedy Xperiment, and Des Moines Young Artists' Theatre will be available in the DMPA App.

What if my entire party isn't with me when I'm ready to enter?

You can easily send each member their ticket individually so they can enter at their convenience. When viewing your tickets, you can use the "Send to Friend" feature that is located at the bottom of the screen. It can be used to send tickets directly to the rest of your party via their email address. They will receive an email with their tickets embedded. We highly suggest sending them ahead of time before your show.

I have paper tickets but would like to use the app, is that okay?

Yes! All of the tickets on your account are available on the app regardless of the original delivery method (mail, will call, etc.)

I lost my paper tickets, can I use the app instead?

Yes! All of the tickets on your account are available on the app regardless of the original delivery method (mail, will call, etc.)

I am still having trouble. How else can I get help with the DMPA app?

Our Ticket Office staff is here to help! You can email them at or call them at 515-246-2300 during normal business hours.

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